This website has been a long time goal of mine, and a lot of people have helped me out along the way, whether it was helping me with content, listening to me babble on about my website that's "coming soon", or just letting me bounce ideas off them. I want to say thanks. I couldn't have made this wildly mediocre, but fun site, without you guys!

Aaron and Mikel:
Thanks for putting up with my tangents, movie references, and relentless questions. Whether it was a pointless question about whether you've seen a certain stand-up comedy special or a question about how to use CSS (yes, I'm a Web Developer), you guys were always willing to help out.

Thanks for all the beautiful photography. My website would have been completely bland without it. I can't wait to add more in the future.

To anyone who isn't familiar with Jenna's amazing work, you can check her out here:

Thanks for re-invigorating my interest in writing. Spit-balling ideas with you and seeing how awesome your Big Ten Blitz articles are really reminded me of how fun it is to create something that you can share with people. I hope we get to work on some projects together soon.